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If you thought that this is possible, that you can get your dream physique in 30 days you have a lot of learning to do. If we were able to create a physique you see in the magazines or Instagram in 30 days there would be no fitness industry and everyone would walk round like chiselled Greek gods. The first step in battling weight loss or getting the shape you want is knowing the body type you have. As you can see from the picture above your body type depends on how you shape up a diet for gaining or losing weight. For example an ectomorph is  someone who is normally very lean & can eat a lot more calories than someone who is an endomorph, who has to watch what they eat or else they can get fat very easily. Each body type has its advantages and disadvantages but it’s your job to find out which body type you are so that you can find the best diet to get the results you need. 

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So the next question is which diet is the best for me to do. The simple answer is there is no best diet. Well actually the best diet is the one that you can stick to! There are a lot and I mean a lot of fad diets out there which people try and succeed for a short period then put all the weight back on because it is not sustainable. You end up feeling lethargic because of the lack of calories or you get fed up because there is no variety. So the first thing would be to establish foods that you like that are healthy and so that you have a good balance of carbs, proteins & fats. The next step is finding out how much calories  your body needs to sustain the body weight you are at. You can use a calculator online to find a rough estimate of how many calories you should intake daily. From there you should spend a week or two of trial and error of more or less calories until you find the calories that keep your weight the same. Obviously check your weight daily, when you get to the point where your weight is the same on consecutive days you can start to try a deficit to lose weight. What I would advise is to have a calorie deficit of 300-500 so that the diet you are doing is sustainable. If you do it this way you will be able to manage the diet and you will not feel super hungry all the time. That is normally what we suffer with, being hungry and not being able to stop the cravings. (calculator if you want to use this one)

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In terms of food, pick foods that are lower in calories so you can have more of them. Lots of protein, load up on veggies and moderate carbs and fats. A lot of the battle is psychological when it comes to dieting, so if you load up on veggies and salads with your meals I feel that in our minds you will feel satisfied with the amount you are eating and be able carry out the diet. Just to add, don’t worry too much if a couple days a week you go slightly over your calories, if you are craving something after a couple weeks its best to incorporate it because all you will end up doing is massively binge eating and giving up! Also what helps me is having zero calorie drinks and sugar free sweets in moderation. I feel when I have some of these foods or drinks during the day it stops my sugar cravings and I can carry on with my diet. I either have some zero coke with some meals or werther originals sugar free after meals occasionally to keep me on track. You don’t obviously need to do exactly the same but something similar may help your diet journey. Us my fitness pal it will help track what your doing!

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Finally everyone’s kryptonite, the dreaded cardio. You don’t have to do it but firstly it will help with your calorie deficit and secondly its good for you cardiovascular system meaning your heart so just suck it up and do a bit, it won’t hurt lol. The best way is to pick the type of cardio that you may slightly enjoy. Whether that is boxing or running or even just going on a bike, if you get some done it will help to get your results much faster. I prefer to do it in the morning on an empty stomach because I feel it helps me burn the most amount of fat and I get it done and out of the way. When you do your cardio doesn't really matter, again it’s all about having a caloric deficit!

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I hope that I bought some value with this blog. Let us know how you got on and if there are any other topics that you would like us to cover! Let’s make these gains ☺