Diamond Strength is a new & vibrant fitness company, looking to amplify the training & style of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Our products are designed to perfection & will complement any exercise regime. The combination of dedicated designers & the exceptional fusion of materials, delivers the ultimate lifting experience. 

Between us we have over 18 years of experience in training and supplementation. We started bodybuilding when mass gainers used to taste of chalk & supplementation was only really known of through gyms and word of mouth! We have tried literally every brand of pre-workout & whey known to man. Also we have tried many different brands of gym apparel over the years which has helped us find what is missing in the market. Comfort and style hand in hand. Clothing which wraps around the muscles but not in a constricting fashion. Showcase those great pumps without feeling  irritated and constantly moving your clothing around! 

Our vision is to create a fitness hub where everything related to fitness & bodybuilding are easily accessible. From gym wear, to training methods and supplements. This is the start of our journey and we hope that we can support each other through it!